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Tiny House, New York
NYCxDesign 2019

6Sides, a LINQ-X company worked closely with Fernando Mastrangelo on the launch of his 'Tiny House' concept on Times Square during NYCxDesign in May 2019.

Fernando Mastrangelo Studio (FMS), Brooklyn-based contemporary artist and designer, launched TINY HOUSE, which opened to the public and was on display in Times Square from May 10-22nd 2019 - during NYCxDesign, New York City’s annual celebration of Design.


Fernando who is known for working with unusual materials — from salt to sand to powdered glass – is expanding his experimental interiors initiative “The Space Program” with this latest project that explores the future of living.


Fernando partnered closely with both Anne-Laure Pingreoun, Curator at AlterProjects and Steve Lastro, CTO of 6Sides to find the right technology and experience collaborators to create a unique immersive installation, meant to both inspire the passerby and the industry experts. 6Sides, a technology designer, helped bring TINY HOUSE sustainability story and experience forward. 

“When we were approached by Fernando to develop the technology concept for TINY HOUSE, says Steve Lastro - 6Sides, we wanted to bridge the gap between design, sustainability and wellness by merging them through innovative technology. Our aim was to create a seamless experience where the technology is secondary allowing for Fernando’s amazing Sustainable TINY HOUSE concept to standout” 

His installation invited you to reimagine the way people lives through an interactive & sensory immersive sculpture planted in Times Square for 2 weeks.


Inspired by the current force of sustainability, 'Tiny House' utilises reclaimed materials within a minimised 175-sqft footprint to create a fantastical living space that will carry its audience through the transition between design as function and design as unrestrained creativity.

All together, they selected Delos who donated their DARWIN technology, a home wellness intelligence program, that intuitively responds to the conditions of the home, purifying its air, water, and emitting dynamic sound and lighting designed to restore the body’s natural rhythms.


K-ARRAY donated the Azimut system to create an immersive soundscape within the space. Samsung donated their Smart 4K QLED Tv to showcase custom videos about the House outside the main entrance.

Tiny House opened in May 2019.



Times Square, NYC




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