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Technology & Wellness Advisors


Technology has an extraordinary capacity to connect us to one another and to enhance our daily lives. But it is equally capable of creating distance between people, and from the natural world. As an avowed futurist and advisor Steve Lastro harnesses new and emerging technologies to not just reconnect us but also improve our relationships to the spaces we inhabit.

With over 20 years’ experience advising and implementing technology in the commercial, residential, corporate, and hospitality sectors around the world for clients including Spring Studios, MINI Living, Cartier, Fotografiska, and D&D London to name a few. 

Steve launched LINQ-X in 2020, offering a unique positioning in strategically taping into the intersection between the Physical and Virtual and how it influences spaces and living environments. 


Focused on bringing transparency into the industry to help solve today's biggest challenges in Technology, Wellness and the rapidly evolving world of Web 3.0.

LINQ-X advise clients at a senior executive level in creating the vision, strategy, and roadmap on how to deploy and integrate Emerging Technologies into their business or new built environments. 

We thrive at simplifying complexity without using technology jargon and buzzwords. The truth is, it rarely simplifies anything and almost always overcomplicates things.




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